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Without a Rick replacement, The Walking Dead faces a huge problem

Without a Rick replacement, The Walking Dead faces a huge problem

We are approaching the series finale of The Walking Dead with great strides. The war against Alpha, Beta and the Whisperers is over. In the final 11th season, which starts in autumn 2021, The Walking Dead will explore a new community, the Commonwealth, and thus adapt the last story arc of the comic template.

The Commonwealth poses a big problem for the series' authors: the most important characters from the finale of The Walking Dead comic are no longer seen in the series. Can The Walking Dead still end with a bang after 11 seasons?

Warning, spoilers for the end of The Walking Dead Comics will follow

The Walking Dead: Season 11 is overshadowed by the comic ending

How can The Walking Dead end? This question will occupy us for the next 30 episodes. In the comics, the story of the zombie apocalypse ends with an ultimate sacrifice that not only shook readers, but led human civilization into a new era. We're talking about Rick Grimes' death.

The Walking Dead season 11 ends: what's next?

Rick becomes a symbol after his death. His sacrifice is like a big bang that opens the way for a future in which the living have triumphed over the dead and the world will be rebuilt as it was before the apocalypse.

Does The Walking Dead have any main characters whose death could trigger such a monumental change in society? At least Carol and Daryl's survival seems assured since the announcement of their own spin-off series that will continue their story beyond the end.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Who Makes the Ultimate Sacrifice?

In the midst of the mass of main and minor characters, there are three death candidates who could be the final victims of The Walking Dead:

The fact that ideas for spin-off films or series for both Maggie and Negan are already being discussed puts a huge damper on our expectations of the end of the series - unless these statements turn out to be an ingenious ruse to lull the characters into safety.

Danger for Aaron in The Walking Dead season 10? Check out the new trailer:

Will there still be a great sacrifice at all? Or are all characters safe from now on to survive in their own projects? The Walking Dead has to show courage again to finally be able to shock us again. Do you remember previous seasons when death was omnipresent?

The Walking Dead: Season 11 has to find a new ending to shock

Since from now on, comics and series will differ greatly from one another - apart from the Commonwealth setting - and especially with a view to the ensemble, the authors have to find new ways to implement the remaining comic chapters. And this is the perfect chance to do a lot better that the comics messed up.

Now there is the opportunity to incorporate new impulses into the adaptation of the final comic plot. Because at least for me this one, with all its political intrigues in the Commonwealth, offered too little of what The Walking Dead was before.

I have full confidence in showrunner Angela Kang and her team, who have already proven in seasons 9 and 10 that they understand The Walking Dead and can deliver an exciting series that often stays true to the comics and is surprisingly new interpreted.

Does that mean The Walking Dead has a completely different finale than the comics? In order to really transfer the ZXC Movies and shock factor of the unpredictable comic ending to a new medium, the authors have to create something new and unexpected.

And let's not forget that Rick Grimes will be returning in one or more feature films soon. So his death is far from off the table and will probably just be postponed. Because let's be honest: no death can shake us like that of Rick Grimes, can it?

The Walking Dead Season 11: More theories about the end of the series

The Walking Dead ends after season 11 and we clarify all the questions you have about it in the Moviepilot podcast Stream Flurry:

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The Walking Dead fans from the very beginning, Matthias, Max and Andrea, break down the franchise for you. What exactly was announced? Which spin-offs and films are still to come? And how could season 11 end?

Do you think The Walking Dead ascribes Rick's death and thus the end of the comics to a new character?

Awesome superhero film on Amazon Prime: Bruce Willis even outshines the MCU

Awesome superhero film on Amazon Prime: Bruce Willis even outshines the MCU

When it comes to superheroes in the cinema, everyone will immediately think of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In over 10 years the universe has revolved around Iron Man, Thor, Captain America

You can currently stream what it feels like when the topic of superheroes was approached much more cautiously and therefore all the more creatively and thrillingly. Amazon Prime has been subscribing to Unbreakable for a while - Unbreakable with Bruce Willis in the lead role.

The film by M. Night Shyamalan is like no other film of the genre - and still trumps the MCU bombast today with emotion and intelligence.

That's what Unbreakable with Bruce Willis is all about

The mix of drama and thriller is about the security guard David Dunn (Bruce Willis), who early in the film was the only one of 130 passengers to survive a train accident - without a single scratch. Little by little he realizes that he apparently has some kind of superpower and is indestructible.

Check out the trailer for Unbreakable here!

While David struggles to come to terms with his superhuman powers, he is contacted by comic book store owner Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson). He was born with glass bones and has been fascinated by superheroes since childhood. He wants to convince David to take on his role as a superhero.

Unbreakable is the ideal anti-MCU film

When M. Night Shyamalan's work was published in 2000, the cinema was still a long way from the current superhero hype. This makes Unbreakable look more unusual and more adventurous than almost all films that have been made in this genre since then.

Shyamalan traces the path of his protagonist as a sober, realistic character drama. Unbreakable explores David's inner and family life and the relationship between him and Elijah with unusually dark images that are reminiscent of the later DC film universe, and many impressive, long shots without cuts.

Also watch our video about other MCU alternatives!

The director almost completely avoids the action bombast, which is almost a must in Stream-Planet MCU. Together with a great playing Bruce Willis, Shyamalan is much more interested in the person who hides behind suits or costumes and struggles with his overpowering existence.

Unbreakable turns out to be a wonderful homage to comics themselves. The fascination of the fans, who look at the colorfully designed covers with shining eyes and look forward to superhuman fantasy stories every time, is also the fundamental mood that the director in his Let the film flow in.

You can find out more about Unbreakable in the podcast

The cinemas are still closed, which is why our colleagues are currently devoting themselves to some (modern) film classics in their podcast Canvas Love. In the new episode, presenter Sebastian discusses with Yves from Moviepilot whether M. Night Shyamalan's slightly different superhero film Unbreakable puts the competition from Marvel, DC and Co.

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Of course, the late successors Split and Glass are also discussed in the discussion.

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Are you also Unbreakable fans or haven't you seen the film at all?

Crashing Marvel finale disappointed: In the end, WandaVision only shines in two moments

Crashing Marvel finale disappointed: In the end, WandaVision only shines in two moments

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), WandaVision is a unique experience. The series was more creative and extraordinary than the usual movies from the Marvel universe, which even put many fans off at the beginning.

In addition to the weird sitcom style, the MCU series has continued to transform and has grown into an emotional highlight that came to an end after 9 episodes. Unfortunately, the finale with its blockbuster bombast can no longer build on the imaginative fireworks of the previous episodes and disappoints except for two very big moments.

Warning, spoilers for the last WandaVision episode will follow!

In the WandaVision finale, the action spectacle crushes creative strengths

In the penultimate episode it became clear which conflicts would be imminent in the final. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) was brought into position for the final fight against the GOLDMOVIES Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), while Vision (Paul Bettany) is likely to clash with his likeness White Vision.

Check out our video recap for the WandaVision finale here!

The greatest disillusionment of the finale is probably that the two events come exactly like this without any surprises. In the last episode, WandaVision seems stronger than ever like a conventional MCU blockbuster that sends the main characters and their opponents into sprawling action scenes.

The fight between Scarlet Witch and Agatha is a typical magic trial of strength in which rays of light are hurled at one another for minutes. It's not really exciting after more than 10 years of MCU history. Above all, the creative ideas and surprises of the previous episodes that would have prevented such a run-of-the-mill showdown were missing here.

The fight between the two visions and the attack of the S.W.O.R.D.troops on the Hex also transform WandaVision in the grand finale into MCU bombast, which the series would otherwise have imaginatively circumvented or even parodied. But two moments outshone the disappointing impression.

Philosophizing visions and an emotional climax shine in the WandaVision finale

At the height of the battle of the two visions, the Marvel series takes a surprising direction. Suddenly the conflict turns into a brief philosophy lesson, when both use the ship of the Theseus thought experiment to discuss what their common identity and existence means at the same time.

Check out our entertaining interviews with the WandaVision cast here!

This profound dangling is a welcome change from all the action bombast, which is only surpassed by the final moments between Wanda and Vision.

After Scarlet Witch defeats Agatha, her self-created hex illusion also dissolves. For Wanda, that means saying goodbye to her sons Billy and Tommy and her beloved Vision in the most dramatic scenes of the episode.

When Wanda explains to the seemingly recreated vision what it means to her, WandaVision ties in again strongly with the penultimate episode, which offered one touching climax after the other. Even if the finale of the MCU series brings up the big action bombast again, it is moments like the calm philosophizing visions and the emotional farewell that give WandaVision a special shine.

According to WandaVision: All 17 new Marvel series at a glance

WandaVision has started a new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe at Disney. In this episode of Stream Flurry, we take a look at the 17 new Marvel series that you can look forward to from 2021 to 2023.

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Matthias, Max and Patrick took a closer look at the 17 (!) Marvel series that await us soon at Disney after the Avengers sitcom WandaVision. In the podcast you can find out everything about the new series, which really have highlight potential and which can hardly arouse our interest.

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There is another flying racing vehicle ahead of you. Formula 1 will face tough competition

There is another flying racing vehicle ahead of you. Formula 1 will face tough competitionWe recently showed you the CarCopter from MACA, the world's fastest manned flying car, and now Airspeeder Mk3 from Alauda Racing has its premiere. The future of motorsport looks bright.

The Airspeeder Mk3 is another vision of a car designed to compete in the skies. Many motorsport fans are interested in creating a new discipline in which pilots will be able to compete in flying vehicles. Until a few years ago, it was a song of the future, but the development of drone technology is progressing so quickly that it will soon become a reality.

The new vehicle from Australian Alauda Racing offers incredible performance. The Airspeeder Mk3 is a vertical take-off and landing machine. We can easily lift ourselves from any surface and accelerate to 100 km / h in just 2.3 seconds, and then accelerate to 130 km / h. This performance is ensured by a 96-kW electric drive system in the form of four engines and efficient batteries. The vehicle weighs only 100 kilograms, so we're talking about a great weight-to-power ratio.

Alauda Racing plans to organize sky car Cyberbit online later this year. Engineers want to prepare them in a similar way to Formula One races. Flying cars will race over famous circuits around the world and land on pit stops for quick battery replacement. Representatives of Alauda Racing believe that the competition will depend not only on the skills of pilots, but also in the accurate selection of batteries depending on the flight routes.

The organizers of Airspeeder and Drone Champions League are preparing several interesting competitions, during which pilots will be able to test their skills and face one-on-one battles. The companies do not hide that it will not be a Formula 1 event, but with time this new, extreme sport will surely win many fans around the world.

The most important thing for companies, however, is that the Airspeeder and Big Drone racing will drive competition and accelerate the development of drone technology and VTOL machines. This means that the vision of electric sky taxis and passenger planes will be realized much faster, because the technologies proven in battle can be quickly applied in civilian machines.

Details of the design of Apple's first electric car have leaked

Details of the design of Apple's first electric car have leakedSome time ago we were confirmed that such a car is really being created, and later information appeared on the network suggesting that the Americans are helped by Hyundai.

Although Apple initially seemed completely uninterested in electric cars, because it even refused to buy Tesla from Elon Musk at one time, apparently the company finally saw the potential in the industry. Apart from confirming the works themselves, we could not count on any details and we had to ensure that it would be like with iPhones, i.e. it would be the most technologically advanced in the world and extremely practical, and equipped with innovative solutions that will allow competition. For example, a lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) battery, which is to be supplemented with an active material, which will translate into a much greater range.

In short, we certainly have a marketing mastery here, but the truth is, we are now speculating. The situation is slightly brightened by today's information, the source of WebNews.pro is Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF International Securities, famous for providing reliable data from the Apple camp. In his opinion, the car from Apple is actually created in cooperation with Hyundai, and what's more, it will be built on the electric chassis of the E-GMP model. And since the capabilities of the latter are no secret, you can attempt the approximate performance of the Americans' car.

The vehicle is able to travel at a maximum speed of 260 km / h, accelerates from 0 to 100 in just 2.5 seconds, and its range is over 500 kilometers. E-GMP can also boast the possibility of charging at different voltages, i.e. 400 and 800 V, and its battery can be filled from 0 to 80% in just 18 minutes - in an emergency, however, it is enough literally 5 minutes to extend the range by 100 km. According to specialists, Hyundai, apart from cooperation with Apple, has also signed agreements with other companies and clearly focuses on electric car technology - just mention that by 2025 it is going to deliver as many as 23 different models of electric cars to the market, which will translate into a total sales of one million copies.

The robo-dog from Boston Dynamics has a charger. See how it replenishes energy

The robo-dog from Boston Dynamics has a charger. See how it replenishes energyIt seems that the change of owner did not hurt the company and its innovations, because we just got to know new versions and possibilities of the famous Spot model. See the robot in action.

Boston Dynamic has just significantly expanded the capabilities of its robotic dog with new remote control software, a new robotic arm and a completely new version of the model that can automatically charge. The company believes that these capabilities will allow the further development of these agile four-legged robots, which are increasingly finding employment in various professions around the world. As for the latter model, i.e. with the auto-charge option, it has been dubbed Enterprise Spot and comes with a built-in docking station. When the robot's batteries need it, it is able to independently detect the charging station, crouch over it and recharge the batteries.

This function works automatically by means of appropriate programming or manually, using the "return home" button on the accompanying tablet. What's more, the station is TECH GIRL only used for charging, because it allows Spot to also upload data collected during the mission. In addition, Boston Dynamics upgraded the hardware of this version of the Spot model, which, in its opinion, increases security and communication capabilities, and allows the robot to operate autonomously with a much greater range.

By the way, we also got to know a new network software called Scout, which allows operators to virtually control the robot. This may mean activating pre-programmed autonomous missions or manually controlling the robot while it is performing assigned tasks. As for the mentioned new arm (mounted on the "back"), the Boston Dynamic demonstrated the prototype in 2018, showing, among others, how, thanks to the integrated sensors, the Spot equipped with them opens the door for another robot. Now we have the consumer version of the Spot Arm equipped with a 4K camera, which allows Spot to grab, lift and carry various objects, pull levers, unscrew valves or unscrew / press handles to open the door.

It cannot be denied that many people will certainly be interested in the new possibilities of Spot, because since Boston Dynamic started selling it in September 2019, entrepreneurs from around the world have found applications for it in various industries. It is enough to mention sheep guarding in New Zealand, help in Ford factories, inspections at construction sites in London or helping health care workers in contact with Covid-19 patients. According to the manufacturer, there are currently over 400 Spots around the world, and the new options have a chance to significantly improve this achievement.

The US is investing $ 232 million in home testing for CoVID-19

The US is investing $ 232 million in home testing for CoVID-19Although most countries have already started vaccinating against Covid-19, unfortunately the pandemic does not seem to be easing - so the US has decided to invest in home testing for the disease.

The US government has decided to invest $ 232 million in increasing the production of home Covid-19 tests. Under the agreement, Australian manufacturer Ellume will deliver approximately 8.5 million tests to the US for federal use, and will open a factory in the United States, where it will produce 500,000 tests a day. This means a significant increase in relation to the current yield, because at the moment the company produces about 100,000 tests daily. This is possible after the decision of the Food and Drug Administration in December, which granted the company an emergency permit. The Ellume test costs $ 30, is able to analyze a swab and send the results to a smartphone application within 15 minutes, and its accuracy is estimated at 95%.

It is worth emphasizing that this is not the only home test for Covid-19 available in the United States, although the only one available without a prescription, because two others have already been used, including the Lucira COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit, which was approved as early as November. It can be used by all persons over the age of 14, but only on the express order of a primary care physician and on the basis of a prescription issued by him. The test is also certified for use in health care points, i.e. doctor's offices, hospitals, rapid response centers and the like, where in addition they will also be used to test people younger than 14 years old, but then a nose swab will have to be taken by a specialist.

So it seems that self-performed tests at home will be more and more common and it could be expected, because they definitely make it easier to verify whether someone has Covid 19, or whether they can safely go to work, meet friends or go on a trip. holiday. In the latter case, they can become part of the landscape, for example of airports, especially since airlines and some countries require a negative test result in order to board or cross borders. Most of the tests so far require going to a special point and waiting for the result, which, depending on the cybernet of the pandemic, sometimes took several days, with home tests we can get it in several minutes, even if we are already at the airport.

SpaceX plans the first fully commercial flight into space this year

SpaceX plans the first fully commercial flight into space this yearAfter last year's success, which resulted in the company bringing NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, SpaceX would like to expand its services, making them more accessible to ordinary people.

Today, Elon Musk's company has announced that it is planning the first entirely civilian mission into space, and moreover, this is to take place later this year. Inspiration4, as the mission is called, assumes a crew of 4 civilians, led by 37-year-old entrepreneur Jared Isaacman, who is a pilot and fighter in his spare time, and at the age of 26 he set the record for the fastest flight around the world. The other 3 slots in the Crew Dragon capsule are still free, although Isaacman, who sponsors them for "common people", has a few ideas in mind.

One seat will be allocated to an ambassador from St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and another to a randomly selected person who decides to support the work of this facility, which is to encourage everyone to donate money to this noble initiative. The last member of the crew will be another entrepreneur who will use the eCommerce platform offered by Shift4 Payments, the company where Isaacman is the CEO. All "astronauts" will undergo commercial training on the Crew Dragon capsule and Falcon 9 rocket, during which they will learn everything about orbital mechanics, working in microgravity conditions, emergencies, suits, etc.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that taking tourists into space has always been the goal of the SpaceX crew and already in 2017 we could hear about paid flights around the Moon, which were refined a year later. We already know that the mission called Dear Moon World Wire still in force and around 2023 it will take 6 to 8 artists on a unique space journey. The mission was from the outset dependent on the development of the Big Falcon rocket, which has since changed its name to Starship and is still being tested. For the Crew Dragon capsule that will take part in the Inspiration4 mission, SpaceX is betting on a NASA certified spacecraft that has safely delivered astronauts to the ISS.

What's more, the mission will start from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, and if everything goes as planned, we will be able to watch the event in the fourth quarter of this year. As soon as the spacecraft reaches orbit, it will orbit the planet every 90 minutes on a predetermined plan, and after a few days it will re-enter our atmosphere and fall into the waters off the coast of Florida. - Inspiration4 is the realization of our life dream and a step towards the future, where everyone can go into space and explore the stars. I appreciate the unique responsibility that comes with commanding a mission and I want to use this historic moment to inspire humanity while helping to fight cancer in children here on Earth, explains Isaacman.

See the image of the Girl with a Pearl Earring in an amazing 10 gigapixel resolution

See the image of the Girl with a Pearl Earring in an amazing 10 gigapixel resolutionIt's called a technology powerhouse at the service of art fans. Today you will be able to see one of the famous paintings by Johannes Vermeer in the sensational quality of up to 10 gigapixels. The details are amazing.

The gigantic image of the Girl with a Pearl Earring was created from as many as 9100 photos joined together, which were made by a 3D microscope built by Hirox. The digital work of the Dutch painter can be admired in cosmic resolution on the company's website (see here). I must admit that the zooming works very smoothly and you can see every detail that interests us.

Interestingly, Hirox created not only web engineering 2-dimensional painting of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, but also a 3-dimensional one. Thanks to it, we can even see the cracks and the structure of the paint that the artist used, as well as his individual brushstroke technique. For painting enthusiasts, admiring this work is not only a feast for the eyes, but also an opportunity to experience the painting manner of the artist himself.

When it comes to technical details, Hirox used the Hirox 3D Digital Microscope RH-2000 here, capturing 2D and 3D images. It is equipped with a CMOS sensor that takes images with a resolution of only 1900 x 1200 pixels, but it does so in 50 frames per second, and after combining all the images, a work of amazing resolution is created.

What is it like to lose over $ 250 million? British Bitcoin fan knows it best

What is it like to lose over $ 250 million? British Bitcoin fan knows it bestJust imagine what it feels like to be deprived of your $ 250 million wealth by mistake. James Howells knows them all too well, and he would love to recover his 7,500 Bitcoin disk.

Interestingly, the case dates back to 2013, but previously it was not so painful for a British IT worker, because Bitcoin had ups and downs, but has never cost as much as it does today. Even last summer, when he was bouncing back, few people suspected that he would hit a record high of $ 40,000 in just a few months. And that's exactly what happened, and while its value has dropped Life Hacker live in recent days, it's still over $ 36,753, which means the drive in question is now worth around $ 275,647,500! But there is one problem, because for seven years it has been lying somewhere in the local rubbish dump and the owner is unable to get to it or even try to find it.

It all started in 2009, when James Howells let himself be carried away by the cryptocurrency mining trend - he bought the necessary equipment and started mining, which earned him 7,500 Bitcoins. Back then, they were worth nothing, so when his girlfriend was fed up with the noise emitted by all this hardware, the man decided to sell the hardware, keeping the Bitcoin drive. Unfortunately, in 2013, during a thorough clean-up of the site, Howells accidentally threw this disc (he had two identical ones and disposed of the wrong one), which probably ended up in the local dumpster. As you can easily guess, the man is not going to give up so easily and tries to recover the disk, because its contents are extremely mobilizing.

The latest plan assumes involvement in the search for ... local authorities, to whom we will just be offered 25% of the entire amount, i.e. nearly USD 70 million. And here the stairs begin, because they are not very interested in the contract and it is not about human malice or envy, but the procedures required to carry out the entire action, which may end in failure. And in fact, this is a lot of truth in this, because it is not certain if the drive is still working after so many years in an unfavorable environment, and what is more, there is no guarantee that it will be found at all, although Howells insists that it has a great plan: - The way the landfill operated in 2013 was simple, with the waste bin full, serialized, emptied into a dug pit and then buried. He was also given a reference number, which means that if I access the data, I can identify the week the disc was thrown, then the container it went to, and then the place where it was buried - he explains.

Unfortunately, the authorities are not so optimistic anymore and in their opinion the risk exceeds the possible gains, as they explain in the mouth of their spokesman: - Newport City Council has received many inquiries since 2014 about the possibility of recovering computer equipment containing Bitcoin. The cost of digging in a landfill, storing and managing waste can run into millions of pounds - with no guarantee of finding or operating. The council also explained to Mr. Howells on numerous occasions that the excavation was impossible as it would have a huge impact on the surroundings. And even if we were able to comply with his request, the question remains who pays the costs if the drive is not found or is damaged beyond recovery. That is why we say outright that we are unable to help him. Does that mean Howells has to say goodbye to their fortune for good? It looks.